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A Warner Bros. film by Big Wheel Productions, LLC. Directed by Joseph Kahn. the story is set in contemporary Southern California and stars Ice Cube. Released January, 2004

Stan Garner of The Train Source, Inc. was the Train Coordinator.
The train is featured as part of the climactic ending. It was shot on the Arizona and California Railway on the Ripley Branch north of Blythe, CA between the siding at Inca (MP 23) and MP 18.5 (near the former townsite of Midland, CA).. The train was provided by Monad Railway Equipment, La Mirada, CA

Consist - Principle Train
- MREX 97, E8-A, EMD Ser# 11494, Blt. 7/50, ex-Metra #519, ex-C&NW #5022.
Baggage - MREX #3554, Budd. 1957, ex-Amtrak #1068, ex-AT&SF #3554.
Slumbercoach - CGOX #4901, Budd, 1956, ex-Amtrak #2021, ex-CB&Q #4901 Silver Slumber.
10 Dbr-6 Rte Sleeper - PPCX #800162, ex-SP#?, ex-CB&Q #? Silver Canyon
11 Bedroom Sleeper
- MREX #452, Budd, 1952, ex-Amtrak #2202 Elm Grove, ex-CB&Q #452 Silver Thrush.
18 Seat Parlor, Obs, Lge
- , MREX #7128, ex-PC #7128, ex-PRR #7128 George Washington

Consist - Static Cars
10 Dbr-6 Rte Sleeper
- MREX #487, Budd, 1956, ex-Amtrak #2672, ex-CB&Q #487 Silver Hollow.
6 Sec-6 Rte-4 Dbr Sleeper - MREX #465, Budd, 1952, ex-Amtrak #2155, ex-CB&Q #465 Silver Tulip.
10 Dbr-6 Rte Sleeper
- MREX #2888, Budd, 1949, ex-Amtrak #2635, ex-UP #1442 Pacific Spray

Transportation to the A&C Ry.

Three cars intended for static use were shipped via special train move over BNSF from La Mirada to A&C Ry at Cadiz, CA on Sept 26, 2002. They were taken to Blythe, CA for special effects to prepped for special stunt work. These cars were taken to Inca siding (MP 23) on Oct 3, 2002. They were set up for special stunt work at that location.

The Principle Train was shipped via special train move over BNSF from La Mirada to A&C Ry at Cadiz, CA on October 3, 2002. The train left La Mirada as a 4 car train pulled by BNSF Dash 9-44CW #4564. The fifth car, PPCX 800162 Silver Canyon, was picked up at Barstow, CA. From Cadiz, CA the train ran under its own power to Blythe, CA to paint and prep the locomotive for special stunt work.

The Principle Train moved to MP 19 for rehearsal and filming on Oct. 6, 2002.

Rehearsal & Filming with first and second units took place between MP 18.5 and MP 23 from Oct 6, 2002 to Oct 14, 2002.

Transportation back to La Mirada, CA - All equipment was gathered together at Inca.. The train shoved backwards to the A&C main line at Rice, CA with two A&C flat cars. After the train was wyed and the flat cars were set out it ran engine first to the BNSF at Cadiz, CA. Departed Cadiz with BNSF Dash9-44CW #4541 the evening of Oct 16 , 2002 and arrived La Mirada, CA the morning of Oct. 17, 2002.

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Photos by: STAN GARNER

Prep static cars 9/28/02

4 car train preparing to depart La Mirada, CA 10/3/02

Climbing Cajon Pass 10/3/02

Victorville 10/3/02

5 car train leaving Barstow, CA 10/3/02

Leaving Blythe, CA, shoving accross Midland Road going to MP 19 10/6/02

End of the day 10/6/02

Stunt guys jump onto roof of specially rigged cars parked at Inca. 10/6/02

The Jump from the top of the locomotive. 10/7/02

Another view.

Adjusting camera on specially rigged Hummer 10/10/02


Morning set up 10/12/02

The chase. 10/10/02


Ready to depart Inca 12:45pm 10/16/02

8 car passenger train plus 2 flat cars shoving past Midland, CA on way to Rice, CA 10/16/02

North of Styx 10/16/02

Arrive Rice, CA 2:11pm 10/16/02

Salt plant between Rice and Cadiz 10/16/02

A place between somewhere and nowhere, heading for Cadiz 10/16/02

Looking the other way 10/16/02

SE of Cadiz 10/16/02

Parker main at Cadiz, CA 5:00pm 10/16/02

Santa Ana Canyon approx. 8:30am 10/17/02

Fullerton 8:46am 10/17/02

Arrive La Mirada 9:17am 10/17/02